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Chapter 9 Introduction Scratch Jr Junior #grade1 #computer #educationalvideos #grade1 #learning

Chapter 9 Introduction Scratch Jr Junior #grade1 #computer  #educationalvideos  #grade1 #learning

Welcome to our Grade 1 Computer Learning Series! In this educational animated video, we explore Chapter 9: Introduction to Scratch Jr, designed to introduce learners to the basics of coding through fun and interactive activities.

In this video, you will discover:

Introduction to Scratch Jr – An overview of what Scratch Jr is and its importance in learning basic coding skills.
Downloading Scratch Junior – Step-by-step guide on how to download Scratch Jr.
Starting Scratch Jr – Learn how to start using Scratch Jr and navigate its user-friendly interface.
Features of Scratch Jr – Explore the various features that make Scratch Jr a great tool for learning coding concepts.
Components of Scratch Jr – Understand the different elements within Scratch Jr and how they work together.
Adding a New Character – Learn how to add new characters to your Scratch Jr projects to enhance creativity.
Changing the Background – Discover how to change backgrounds to create different scenes in Scratch Jr.
Creating a New Project – Step-by-step instructions on how to create and begin a new coding project in Scratch Jr.
Saving a Project – Learn the importance of saving your work and how to do it effectively in Scratch Jr.

Why Watch This Video?

This video is perfect for school kids, parents, and teachers interested in introducing coding to young learners. Through engaging animations and clear explanations, children will grasp the basics of coding with Scratch Jr in a fun and educational manner. By the end of this video, students will be ready to create their own interactive stories and games!

All Chapters covered in Grade 1 videos are :
chapter 1 – COMPUTER – A MACHINE
chapter 2 – USES OF COMPUTER
chapter 4 – USING A KEYBOARD
chapter 5 – MOUSE SKILLS
chapter 7 – DATA STORAGE
chapter 8 – TUX PAINT

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