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Disassembly & Reverse engineering | #shorts #ytshorts #science #technology #educational #education

Disassembly & Reverse engineering | #shorts #ytshorts #science #technology #educational #education

Disassembly & Reverse engineering.

Given a compiled computer program. It’s impossible to recover its source code prior to compilation. But it is possible to decode the binary program, transforming the numbers encoding cpu instructions into a human-readable sequence of instructions. his process is called disassembly.
W can then look at hese CPU instructions and try to figure out what tey’re doing, in a oprocess called Reverse Engineering. Some disassembly programs greatly help this process, automatically detecting and annotating system calls and frquently used functions. With disassembly tools, a hacker can understand every aspect of what a binary code does. I’m sure many of the top IT companies have secret reverse engineering labs, where they study their competitor’s software.
Unsderground hackers often analyze binary code from licensed programs like Windows, Photoshop, and Grand Theft Auto, In order to determine which part of the code verifies the license. They modify the binary code by placing an instruction to directly JUMP to the part of the codethat executesafter the license has been validated. When the modified binary is run, it gets to the injected JUMP command before the license is even checked, so people can run these illegal, pirated copies without paying.

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