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Stop Pressuring Students for EXAMS! 🛑

Stop Pressuring Students for EXAMS! 🛑

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Break free from the shackles of exam pressure! Discover the importance of prioritizing student well-being over relentless testing in this eye-opening video. 🚫📚 #StopExamPressure #StudentWellness

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7 thoughts on “Stop Pressuring Students for EXAMS! 🛑”

  1. @user-mh6yz2rs1y

    Aajkal exam se dar nahin lagta hai ,itni gandi society hai usse dar lagta agar tum pass Ho jaaoge to tumhen kuchh nahin bolenge lekin tum fail ho gaye to cal se sab tana dene a jaate hai

  2. @mokshexperimentarts732

    Sir from last a month I am feeling depressed and have also thaught of suiciding . What can I do sir ?

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