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Curs de negociere Accelera

Add to Wishlist0Curs de negociere, facut de Accelera Training pentru specialistii in vanzari Toţi clientii vor sa negocieze! Pentru ca re-negocierea preturilor este noua ocupatie a clientilor nostri! Si este normal sa fie asa! Unii dintre clienti o fac fiindca au nevoie (businessul lor merge mai greu), altii o fac pentru ca este o oportunitate sa isi mareasca marja de… Read more →

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Cursuri de Business Coaching

Add to Wishlist0Cursuri de Business Coaching. Coaching is a vital component of any business that aims to be a winner in the new economy. However, unless coaches are clear in their own minds exactly what their function is, and why they are performing a coaching role, they may do more harm than good. Therefore, it is important to understand how… Read more →

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Centrul de Asistenta Rurala

Add to Wishlist0Centrul de Asistenta Rurala este una dintre cele mai importante initiative de formare, pentru mediul rural. Oferta complexa: business, comunicare, relatii publice, management de proiect, fundrasing, plan de afaceri etc Add to Wishlist0 Read more →

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