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Curs de comunicare si leadership

Add to Wishlist0Communication and Leadership You’ve asked an employee TWICE to complete a project as soon as possible and still the work isn’t completed. You’ve delegated a task to another employee only to have it done incorrectly. You’ve sent an e-mail asking for extra help on a project to which you’ve had several negative responses. What’s going on? While these… Read more →

The Principles of Financial Management

Add to Wishlist0The Principles of Financial Management Financial management is a key tool in controlling and directing the resources of any business organization. Managers–not only financial professionals but also managers whose responsibilities are largely non-financial–can use this tool to generate and analyze the financial information that is essential to decision making in business. Understanding the principles of financial management helps… Read more →

Cursuri de Business Coaching

Add to Wishlist0Cursuri de Business Coaching. Coaching is a vital component of any business that aims to be a winner in the new economy. However, unless coaches are clear in their own minds exactly what their function is, and why they are performing a coaching role, they may do more harm than good. Therefore, it is important to understand how… Read more →

eLearning Shop

Add to Wishlist0S-a lansat eLearningshop.ro. Pe acest magazin online de cursuri puteti gasi sute de cursuri Skillsoft, de la cursuri de business, cursuri de interpersonal management skills, cursuri de negociere, cursuri it, etc. Pretul unui curs este 129 ron si se poate achita cu card de credit sau cu transfer bancar. eLearningShop a fost creat de Blue Point IT Solutions.… Read more →