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Aprecierea estetică: Filosofia cursului intensiv #30

Aprecierea estetică: Filosofia cursului intensiv #30

Astăzi vorbim despre artă și despre aprecierea estetică. Ce face din ceva o operă de artă? Poate fi definită arta cu adevărat? Este valoarea estetică obiectivă sau subiectivă? Gustul poate fi dezvoltat? Cum?

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5 thoughts on “Aprecierea estetică: Filosofia cursului intensiv #30”

  1. @dorky_stories_random1234

    Y’all should either CC occultism CC spirituality and CC Ancient Universal Unexplained

  2. @mayaenglish5424

    I think the difference between Do I like it? and Is it good? is easiest to understand through food. For instance I like trying new foods from many different cultures and even just foods from my own that I haven't gotten around to trying. And sometimes when eating I'll have the thought of "oh, whoever made this clearly put a lot of skill and effort into it and it is a high quality dish, but it is Really not doing it for me!"
    For instance, I went to a Greek festival and had a ton of delicious homemade food, but one of them was a sausage made with orange and my brain was like, you're eating meat with orange perfume in it, this is wrong. But I could clearly tell that it was homemade and how the process of making it would have been hard work and how if my personal tastes were different it would be enjoyable, etc. Not liking or being unaccustomed to a flavor profile doesn't make a dish with that profile bad or good. You'd need to judge dishes in that profile against each other in order to have a fairer contest of "Goodness" in relation to quality.

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