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Biologie înainte de Darwin: curs intensiv Istoria științei #19

Biologie înainte de Darwin: curs intensiv Istoria științei #19

Probabil ați auzit de Charles Darwin, dar înainte de a ajunge la el, trebuie să înțelegeți cum diferiți oameni, de-a lungul secolelor al XVII-lea și al XVIII-lea, au încercat să răspundă la aceeași întrebare: „ce este viața?”


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14 thoughts on “Biologie înainte de Darwin: curs intensiv Istoria științei #19”

  1. @lindavilmaole5003

    Now, I understand the origins of the beautiful gardens of the world! This simply descended from the garden of the Empire!. What a way to study plants without exerting much effort to see the plants in its natural. original habitat! Good move for learning to grow!

  2. I was distracted the entire video by wondering "Why is the little robot on the desk looking off to the left? Is there something over there? What is he looking at?"

  3. @dianagibbs3550

    Lamarck was wrong. Except, since we've learned more about epigenetics, he was also correct-adjacent, in a limited way. I love science.

  4. Thanks for putting all of this info in a simple way. I'm studying evolution and you made it easier for me, although you forgot to say that Cuvier founded the science of Paleontology.

  5. @tasnemhatem3418

    Crash plz make video for transpiration in plants or excretion in plants plleaasse im gonna fail :(((

  6. Please never stop educating me. I've discovered a thirst for knowledge and with your help I'm able to gather and learn so much faster than if I were on my own. Thank you.

  7. @frozenflame8493

    If God would allow to end life development then it is a cosmoworthy gift to have

  8. @rowencox-rubien4207

    And now Lamarck's theory has actually been proven right with epigenetics!

  9. @mariadelcarmenramos1382

    INCREDIBLE! The bonobo MONKEY, named by some "homo…" and STILL think of evolution as a fact…

  10. @user-vx1dy6uo9c

    hank im in grad school, in a history of science course. I don't know science. I'm an arts man. In addition to my own ineptitude, my professor is worse, so you are saving me in my darkest hour. Thank you.

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