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Crafting an effective CV for career switchers

Crafting an effective CV for career switchers

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10 thoughts on “Crafting an effective CV for career switchers”

  1. @user-gl3li6pm2c

    I am in marketing team (D.G.M) now
    I am in the same company since 25 years…l began my career in it only
    Now l want to change my job. In marketing field only…how to make CV for this purpose
    Will opportunities be available in my case

  2. @chinmayapattnaik7156

    I am 4 years experience as a software tester ,,please suggest me to craft cv

  3. @ankitasaini2321

    Hi, I have 8 years of experience, i have done all job switches in 1.5 years duration, now there is issue in stability, my job offers got on hold because of this reason, what I need to do?

  4. @veronicamoraes2588

    Maam, i have worked in thr cooperative banking sector for the past 14 years and three months having 2 years and seven months in one job and the other one 11 years eight months. I joined a private bank ,but could not hold on to the job as it was a different profile. I am unable to get job offers which are matching to my job profile.
    I have tried upskilling myself by doing an advance excel course and Tally prime.
    Can you suggest what else can do so as to get recruiters to contact me.

  5. @subhajyotimohanty1095

    Hello, this is very helpful information.
    I am currently working in a Bio-pharmaceutical company in the Quality Control department looking after QMS with an experience of 2 years. I want to switch to project management department under business functions in the same company. I am pursuing online MBA in pharmaceutical management itself along with the work. Can you help me how to approach my and pitch for a department change.

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