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De ce ești mai mult decât Goo: Infrastructura animalelor: curs intensiv de biologie #44

De ce ești mai mult decât Goo: Infrastructura animalelor: curs intensiv de biologie #44

Când te gândești la infrastructura corpului, probabil te gândești la oase. Dar cum rămâne cu inima, vasele de sânge și sistemul limfatic? În acest episod din Crash Course Biology, vom face un tur al sistemelor cardiovascular, limfatic și musculo-scheletic, învățând cum toate mențin funcționarea interioară a unui vertebrat conectată, alimentată și gata de mișcare.

Introducere: Infrastructura corpului 00:00
Vase de sânge și capilare 01:23
Inima 04:05
Vivien Thomas 05:29
Sistemul limfatic 07:03
Sistemul musculo-scheletic 08:36
Recenzie și credite 11:04

Această serie a fost produsă în colaborare cu HHMI BioInteractive, dedicată capacității educatorilor și inspirarea studenților cu resurse captivante, accesibile și de calitate. Vizita pentru mai multe informatii.

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9 thoughts on “De ce ești mai mult decât Goo: Infrastructura animalelor: curs intensiv de biologie #44”

  1. I can see some of my bones everyday, every time I smile!!! Should I still call a doctor???

  2. LYMPHATIC SYSTEM! My little brother has a condition where all that interstitial fluid does NOT go back into the lymphatic system properly. From what we know right now there's not a treatment, except for fluid pills to try and force things. It's surprisingly localized too, since for him it's "only" his legs from the knee down… but I say "only" like that because he looks like some mad scientist strapped watermelons to his bones and then stuck the skin back on. It's hideous looking, and from what he tells me it's really uncomfortable at the best of times and downright painful far more often. Especially because it means every little scratch and scrape, even an irritated hair follicle, can become an infection. Never knew how much the lymphatic system did for a human body until he got sick like this.

  3. Oh, no! My teeth are, in fact, visible right now. I'm going to see a doctor right away.

  4. Biology is just so interesting! I always get excited when thinking about how it influences our daily lives. Connecting these videos with what I'm learning at school makes it even more fun as I get a sense of pride for understanding these concepts.

  5. @falanajerido875

    I truly enjoyed you very much. It is good to see A black intelligent man express, about the heart ,blood , bones, etc. I learm allotted from you. God bless you. Thank you for sharing.

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