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how I finally ended up with a job

how I finally ended up with a job

8 thoughts on “how I finally ended up with a job”

  1. Did you apply for phd directly after undergrad or did you have to complete a masters degree first?

  2. @thanhtungtran6220

    Im in my 1st yr of PhD in transport engineering. My thesis will mainly about VR simulation but also require coding skills in machine learning and deep learning. Can you recommend some website or book that I can start with? Should I start with R or python? Any other coding languages that I should learn? Im basically new to coding

  3. You’re just so relatable and incredibly inspiring in so many ways. Love your content and appreciate you sharing .

  4. @mirellawong6755

    YOU ARE SO AMAZING QUEEN women in stem!!! I had a massive fascination with bioinformatics due to a divine tutor but very little skill level. very amazed by ppl like you ❤

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