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Moartea asistată și valoarea vieții: Filosofia cursului intensiv #45

Moartea asistată și valoarea vieții: Filosofia cursului intensiv #45

Pe măsură ce încheiem Filosofia cursului intensiv, folosim lucrurile pe care le-am învățat pentru a explora probleme mari precum valoarea vieții. Astăzi, discutăm despre avorturi în cazuri de anomalie fetală, sinucidere asistată și eutanasie. Vom lua în considerare standardul judecății substituite și valorile pe care oamenii le dețin de ambele părți ale acestor probleme – valori despre caracterul sacral al vieții și importanța unei vieți de calitate, precum și valorile libertății personale și ale evitării durerii.

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10 thoughts on “Moartea asistată și valoarea vieții: Filosofia cursului intensiv #45”

  1. Well life is a choice only when you can make it. It's like saying if I eat an unfertilised egg it stops the egg from being what it should be. Well yes that's definitely true. But then that also means that I should never eat eggs. So in that case, can I make the decision. Well… Yes! It's not a global debate. Cause if it was then we cannot have a solution. We will only have a debate. So yeah…

  2. The question that I would like to post is if it is immoral to chose death? If so… How and why

  3. @jonathandonley3299

    I think this is my favorite episode of this course. I cannot thank you enough for the eagerness to educate without judgement and encouragement to have viewers think for themselves. This is by far the best course on your channel. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

  4. Hello thanks for the video, may I know who the lecturer is? I want to cite him on my phi paper. Thanks

  5. Five years since I started studying philosophy as a subject, this series have been extremely helpful to me in each and every semester, I enjoy these videos so much, This channel has been helpful in many ways thankyou ❤

  6. My view is no one should be able to dictate what you do with your body. That is against free will, simple as that.

  7. @saraselmon6642

    In this video I think the word pain needs to be substituted with the term suffering.

    There are situations where a person can be in a state of suffering that is subjectivly worse than the worsr pain and when it is a situation that can't be rectified by time or medicine it's

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