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Previzualizare de filozofie a cursului intensiv

Previzualizare de filozofie a cursului intensiv

În februarie 2016, Hank găzduiește Crash Course Philosophy, produs în asociere cu PBS Digital Studios.

PBS Digital Studios:

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2 thoughts on “Previzualizare de filozofie a cursului intensiv”

  1. I feel that these philosophy videos and this philosophy playlist of videos are too hard to find:( I can never find this playlist anywhere within the channel's playlist section, nor within any of their existing categories for all of their other existing playlists, it doesn't even get an "ect", "extra", or "miscellaneous" grouping of videos anywhere on the channel, and unless I type "philosophy" into the search bar, I can't find this playlist anywhere on the channel at all, and same goes for the videos within the playlist as well -it is like I am using secret knowledge, secret videos, and secret playlists whenever I am trying to refind these videos or this playlist to re-study them. XD

  2. This playlist along with a ton of other things made by these awesome people are some of the internet's most valuable gems due to the quality of work that they chose to put into them:). Also, among things on the internet, this quality of work is pretty rare to come by too and becomes sorely missed, so it is extra appreciated due to that:) Thank you, awesome peeps:)

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