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Secetă și foamete: curs accidental de istorie mondială #208

Secetă și foamete: curs accidental de istorie mondială #208

În care John Green te învață puțin despre secetă, care este un fenomen meteorologic natural, și foamete, care este aproape întotdeauna rezultatul activității umane. De-a lungul istoriei omenirii, când lipsa de alimente lovește omenirea, a existat mâncare în jur. Nu a fost decât un eșec de a conecta acei oameni cu hrana care să-i țină în viață. Există o mulțime de motive pentru care distribuția alimentelor se întrerupe, iar John vă va învăța despre ele în contextul foametelor de la sfârșitul secolului al XIX-lea care au lovit India britanică.

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12 thoughts on “Secetă și foamete: curs accidental de istorie mondială #208”

  1. Market forces didnt make the famine in British indie it like you explained . because of high taxes, I don't think that is free market capitalism

  2. The Indian famines don't show that capitalism is the problem. They were caused by excessive taxation, which has nothing to do with 'laissez faire'. You also didn't mention that the famine that resulted from Mao's 'Great Leap Forward' was the result of the nature of communist production, and not merely totalitarianism, which in any case is not unrelated to the nature of communist production.

  3. Dang, thanks for the specific example of a bottled water during a hurricane in Florida… And thank you for not making it any more specific.

  4. It's crazy how right he was about hoarding food during shortages. We've got farmers in America killing pigs and mowing over crop fields during this pandemic.

  5. @mitchellthurman

    just in case there are any americans patting themselves on the back let us list the famines caused by us:

    1. the dustbowl – over-grazing and poor land management brought on by "manifest destiny", a.k.a. stealing the rest of the continent from native americans and mexico, cause crops not only to fail but made it near impossible to grow anything for a generation

    2. the trail of tears/the long walk/etc. – more death-marches than famine but man-made and government sanctioned nonetheless

    3. in miniature, an more recent, think of the hoarding behavior we have seen in this decade from hurricanes, blizzards, covid, gas shortages, social unrest, and any others i have missed.

    4 the american healthcare system – what else would you call this pig-sty other than government backed and corporate sponsored medical famine. we have so many solutions to so many terrible human afflictions and they are simply behind a pay wall. insulin, ozempic, the martin shkreli's of the world and all of their sycophants.

    i could go on and on. this is us. this is our history and it will stare us in the face for the rest of time.

  6. I know that I'm late to this but the British using racism to justify letting people starve is a very common topic in world history, and honestly it sucks.

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